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ONLINE COURSE: “The Guide to Becoming a Graceful Rope Dartist” focuses on the rope dart as a flow art and performance tool. It is relevant to any rope dartist who wants to refine their body positioning, accuracy, and transitions between moves. The first and second chapters are introductory, and designed to get all beginners up to speed with the rest of the class. The eight other chapters cover brand new material that is not included in any of my YouTube tutorials. We will go over some theory, and learn quite a few brand rope dart tricks including rope dart horizontal technique, grid tracing, groundwork, and other rope dart tricks and rope dart techniques.

ONLINE COURSE: The Digital Performance Artist is a five-chapter self-paced online course that teaches step-by-step strategies on how to create a successful online presence as a performance artist. The course lays the foundation of how to express the best, most authentic version of ourselves, our work, and our art, through digital content creation. It includes in-depth analysis of some of the most successful performance videos on the internet, as well as strategies tested personally by your expert teacher.

Live Performances of Sam Tobey – Flow Mayhem. Performing with Fire Rope Darts, Fire Hoops Dancers, Fire Dragon Staff and Fire Fans.