How to choose the perfect rope dart!

Rope Dart Tutorial for Beginners | Neck Spins

Rope Dart Tutorial for Beginners | Foot Shots

Rope Dart Tutorial for Beginners | Foot Shots: A Closer Look (4K)

Rope Dart Tutorial for Beginners | Pendulum Shots

Rope Dart Tutorial for Beginners | Elbow Spins

Rope Dart Tutorial | Thigh Spins

Rope Dart Tutorial | Knee Shots/Continuous Knee Shots

Rope Dart Tutorial | Knee Shots: A Closer Look (4K)

Rope Dart Tutorial | Elbow Shots

Rope Dart Tutorial | Rope Dart Stances


Learn rope dart


Welcome to Flow Mayhem's all-levels online Rope Dart Masterclass! This series focuses on the Rope Dart as a flow art and performance tool.

It is relevant to any Rope Dartist who wants to refine their form, accuracy, and transitions between moves.

The twelve-part video course will covers all the basics, brakes down some brand new sequences, and finish by teaching two minutes of awe-inspiring choreography that can be used for live performances. Other highlights include horizontal sequences, grid tracing, groundwork, and other rope dart techniques.

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